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Jana Richardson Orca Legacy

Orca Legacy beginnings


my name is Jana and I’m the creator of Orca Legacy. It all started 25 years ago when as a small kid, I first saw the movie we all know so well, FREE WILLY. Ever since, there’s been a magic force attracting me to these animals, and the fact that so many of them are still imprisoned in tiny tanks, suffering from depression and living their whole lives as entertainment for people is outrageous and has to change. 

We can solve this now. And this is the way. By treating yourself here, you’re supporting the Whale Sanctuary Project and helping to build a seaside sanctuary for captive orcas & belugas in North America. 25% of all profits go directly to the Keiko Legacy Fund. We are a community that will break the tanks. Thank you for being a part of it!


Top Quality Materials

All Orca Legacy jewelry is all made with authentic Swarovski®️ Elements. 

Swarovski is a world-known Austrian manufacturer of glass. Their  reputation is built on superior quality and ethical standards. They take environmental responsibility seriously, avoiding disturbance to nature and disruption of habitats.

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Our mission & Goals

Every purchase counts! While most brands that support good causes give away usually 10-15%. Orca Legacy is very serious about getting the whales out of their prison as soon as possible, therefore at least 25% of all profits go directly to Whale Sanctuary Project, who are currently building the first North American whale sanctuary in Nova Scotia, Canada.

With our help, first orcas and belugas will soon find their forever home.

Our mission is to impact the release of captive held whales back to their natural environment.

While there are sanctuaries for many land animals who are being retired from zoos and circuses, there are none yet for whales and dolphins. It’s time to change that.